geoff buchanan


Currently working with Respawn on the popular first-person shooter, Apex Legends

Contributed to the new 3rd person action-adventure IP, Unknown 9: Awakening

Worked on 3 new titles as a Senior Sound Designer at the Square Enix Montréal studio.

Senior Sound Designer at the Gameloft Montréal studio

Gameloft Montréal

In charge of everything that concerns voice-overs in our games and trailers. This includes conceptualizing the initial voice-over direction for each project; coordinating with the script writers and localization teams; hiring of and negotiating with recording studios in different parts of the world; managing the budget for each project; creating and executing legal documents and contracts with the help of the legal team; casting, directing and recording talent; editing VO audio files as well as processing them with any effects and levelling needed; coordinating with the other Sound Designers and Composers to make sure all of our audio creates a harmonious soundscape and work with one another; integrating the VOs into our game audio engine; making sure all VOs are triggered in-game and behave according to plan, and of course ensuring all VOs are delivered before our deadlines with the highest possible quality.

Gameloft Montréal

Coordinate the overall Voice-Over production that needs to be recorded and delivered for any promotional trailer we might have. This consists of aligning the creative direction of the scripts with the right studios and actors that will perform what we need. I handle the whole process of any given request for trailer Voice-Overs; casting, negotiating price with 3rd party studios, handling legal paperwork, booking the actors, verifying script with writers, directing actors in live sessions (in person or via Skype), editing takes, processing selects, delivering final VOs to our mixers, and follow-up with studios and our accounting department.

Gameloft Montréal

Audio Production + Postproduction for videogames; I designed all sounds, whether ambient, special effects, interface sounds, foley, voice-over processing etc. and made sure they were delivered on time to various teams around the world for implementation. Direct communication with developers, programmers and producers on any given team imperitive to make sure we were all working in the same creative and technical direction. Constructively worked with the composers to ensure that both the music and sound effects interact well together.

Edited, mixed and mastered client music and soundtracks as well as provided sound design for logos, animations and short videos.

High On Beats

Featured Content Writer / Music Producer for High On Beats, a former and reputable music content and art collective  

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Musitechnic, Montreal, QC 

Relevant Courses: Sound Design, MIDI Environment,
Studio Maintenance, Post- Production, Studio Recording,
Sequencing, Music Industry, Career Management, Synthesis

John Abbott College, Montreal, QC

Relevant Courses: Media Studies, Digital Media,
Digital Design, Sound Design

John Abbott College, Montreal, QC

Relevant Courses: 2D & 3D Studio Foundation I & II,
Art History, Intermedia Design, Advanced Painting, Intermedia